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We are proud to present ourselves as a company which is dedicated to producing world’s finest quality botanical ingredients. Our strength is in our process which we have carefully crafted for each of our botanicals based on the knowledge and experience of three decades. We aspire to create pharmacopoeia quality in organic certified botanicals. We specialize in standardized botanical powders and premium quality tea cut botanicals.

Amit Agarwal

From the desk of Chief Artizan / CEO

At Herb Artizan, we aspire to understand the nature of our herbs in fair depths with an aim to find scientific interventions which can build quality throughout their journey from seed to shelf. We believe in the natural (organic) way of growing, harvesting, and processing such that the processed forms comply with the international pharmacopoeia standards of quality. To ensure that our business remains long-lasting and (soul) fulfilling for us as well as our organic vendors we proudly embrace the Fair-Trade standards of sustainability.

Our strength lies in our analytical and processing capabilities. Always eager to learn and adopt the latest technologies and the best practices known for the management of botanicals, we have selected to build our future on. We are a group of likeminded multidisciplinary scientists who have come together to find ways of producing the world’s finest quality botanical ingredients for food, drug and cosmetic industries.

We may not have the lowest prices or the largest production capacities, as typical artisans, we boast of only premium quality. We are passionate about accepting challenges in product features and always willing to develop new processes to meet the needs of our loyal customers.

Herb Artizans (our scientific team) holds a cumulative experience of over 200 years in various aspects of natural product research and development. In the long run, we hope to become preferred partners for new product development or existing product improvement for our quality conscious customers and not just remain mere vendors of premium quality.

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